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JI-Analytics started building our Citizens’ Wealth Framework team in 2012.  We were granted access to Japonica Partners Greek sovereign bond investment team of approximately 300 niche specialists, many among the most renowned in the world, and information mined from every relevant sector and source.

Essential to the integrity of JIA analytics are the corrections our team makes to government balance sheet numbers to provide true and fair historical benchmarking and peer government benchmarking.

Our team continuously works to improve the integrity of the total government balance sheet numbers used in calculating CWF 12 KPIs to achieve a “true and fair” reflection of financial reality and exemplify the best of international generally accepted government accounting standards.

Contributors in building the Citizens’ Wealth Framework are among the best and brightest in their professional sectors, including but not limited to (alphabetically): academics, capital markets specialists, conference organizers, credit rating agency professionals, domestic law specialists, finance specialists, government administrators, historians, international lawyers, macro-economists, lobbyists, media specialists, micro-economists, NGO executives, private sector C-level managers, professional investment managers, public and private sector accountants, public and private sector auditors, statisticians, sovereign wealth fund executives, and think tank executives.

We project substantial growth in HVA production from 2024 to 2028, and have commenced a major team expansion hiring program.

The Founder and Managing Director of JI-Analytics is Paul B. Kazarian, who is also the Founder and Managing Partner of Japonica Partners and the Founder and President of the Charles & Agnes Kazarian Foundation.

In recognition of the firm’s expertise, our Managing Director served as sole Special Advisor to the CEPS Task Force on European Union Government Balance Sheets, received the 2016 William Pitt the Younger Award for extraordinary leadership in strengthening democracy through public financial management, was co-founder and Adjunct Professor of Columbia Business School graduate level class “Assessing Sovereign Risk and Performance with Financial Statement Analysis in a World of Recurring Crises”, one of a two panelist university moderated roundtable on Broken Models of Public Finance with a member of the U.S Council of Economic Advisors, which was published in the Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, and co-author of a Greek sovereign debt article in Intereconomics: Review of European Economic Policy.

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