Why JI-Analytics?

JI-Analytics is the world’s best government financial performance benchmarking firm.

JI-Analytics creates the world’s best high value-add financial performance analytics on sovereign and regional governments for both single government historical benchmarking and peer government benchmarking.

We, our customers, and our clients care about government financial performance benchmarking and the Citizens’ Wealth Framework (CWF), because government financial decisions directly affect the probability and consequences of debt, currency, and financial crises, which have a disproportionally large impact on society’s most financially vulnerable.

Why is JI-Analytics the world’s best?

Since 2012, JI-Analytics has invested in the Citizens’ Wealth Framework intellectual property over US$250 million, with the work of approximately 300 niche specialists, many among the most renowned in the world, and information mined from every relevant sector and source.

JI-Analytics team has an unparalleled cross-silo knowledge of the total spectrum of information on government financial performance, including but not limited to: (i) monthly and annual government and sub-government financial statements, notes, and audits; (ii) primary source financial information from any and all government ministries; (iii) financing-related documents, including but not limited to bonds, loans, leases, investments, and restructurings; (iv) government financial numbers from national and regional statistics authorities; (v) reports, databases, and standards from NGOs such as IMF (e.g.: Article IVs, FTEs, PSBS, and WEO), OECD, PEFA, and World Bank; (vi) credit rating agency sovereign and regional government methodologies/ reports; (vii) investment research reports on governments; (viii) international government accounting standards; (ix) international government statistics standards; (x) relevant academic research and databases; (xi) and relevant materials produced by special interest groups, think tanks, and other broadly defined media sources.

JI-Analytics has discovered that it is not uncommon for macroeconomic statistics from widely used government, NGOs, or academic statistics databases to overstate or understate government financial assets, government non-financial assets, government financial debts, government non-financial debts, and government total net worth (GTNW) compared to “true and fair” international accounting numbers by 50+ percentage points of GDP.

Essential to the unparalleled integrity of our CWF for historical and peer benchmarking, our team adjusts reported government balance sheet numbers based on the best practices of international generally accepted government accounting standards to achieve the most reliable “true and fair” reflection of financial reality.

Why JI-Analytics Citizens’ Wealth Framework?

JI-Analytics Citizens’ Wealth Framework (CWF) is both “a quantum leap in government financial performance management” and “the greatest advance in sovereign risk analysis”.

The Citizens’ Wealth Framework represents a quantifiable improvement over financial debt and cash deficit metrics, and over the focus on a single debt number.

Citizens’ Wealth includes all government assets and all government debts (the Government Total Balance Sheet – GTBS), and a government’s GDP.

The Citizens’ Wealth Framework provides the tools to improve government financial performance and ameliorate financial-related crises.

The CWF provides positive support to governments seeking to obtain the maximum efficiency and effectiveness from global best practice government financial performance systems.

The Citizens’ Wealth Framework can identify and correct systemic misconceptions of the senior-most leadership at major international stakeholders.

Citizens’ Wealth provides previously hidden insights into government financial performance and position, and the relationship to GDP for both single government historical benchmarking and peer government benchmarking.

The CWF reveals the most meaningful previously hidden insights, from a financial perspective, in performance over time and at period-ends in Citizens’ Wealth, Government Total Net worth (GTNW), multipliers, value created/destroyed metrics, and in relation to GDP.

From an investment perspective, the CWF revealed systemic misconceptions and provided the smartest intelligence essential to one of the most successful sovereign bond investments in modern times.

How to benefit from the world’s best government financial performance benchmarking?

For our customers and clients, JI-Analytics creates High Value-add Analytics (HVAs) under 5-year contracts with “dual” HVAs: the 1st is an annual single government historical benchmarking HVA, and the 2nd is an annual peer government benchmarking HVA.

As of December 2023, JI-Analytics has financial performance analytics on over 250 governments worldwide and has six 5-year contracts and two R&D contracts (total value of US$15 million).

In 2023, JI-Analytics made a major business pivot, transitioning to a start-up, focused on producing HVAs on government financial performance using our Citizens’ Wealth Framework (CWF).

We are planning for substantial growth in HVA production from 2024 to 2028, and have commenced a major team expansion hiring program.

To increase the social impact of our analytics, JI-Analytics also offers a select number of abridged versions HVAs to the public at a very small fraction of their cost. See https://store.jianalytics.com

The Founder and Managing Director of JI-Analytics is Paul B. Kazarian, who is also the Founder and Managing Partner of Japonica Partners and the Founder and President of the Charles & Agnes Kazarian Foundation.

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