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We, our customers, and our clients care about government financial performance benchmarking and the Citizens’ Wealth Framework, because government financial decisions directly affect the probability of debt, currency, and financial crises, which have a disproportionally large impact on society’s most disadvantaged.

The Citizens’ Wealth Framework, which is built on the government total balance sheet (GTBS: all government assets and all government debts), is a quantum leap improvement over the current focus on only the financial debt part of the GTBS and cash deficit metrics, and their relationship to GDP. Ideally, the GTBS is derived from the audited financial statements based on international generally accepted government accounting standards.

JI-Analytics creates customized high-value add analytics (HVAs) under 5-year contracts with “dual” HVAs: the 1st is an annual single government historical benchmarking HVA, and the 2nd is an annual peer government benchmarking HVA.

The 1st HVA of the dual provides a historical benchmarking analysis of the government with a primary focus on the Citizens’ Wealth Framework (CWF) 12 KPIs. The 1st HVA is both deep and expansive in scope, including all relevant sources, spanning as far back as the 1970’s.

The 2nd HVA of the dual captures the CWF 12 KPIs from the 1st HVA and benchmarks the numbers in comparison with three to five of the government’s peers. Ideally, the benchmarking period is 20 years.

JI-Analytics also contracts to perform research and development on Citizens’ Wealth Framework related topics.

With decades of experience by JI-Analytics and our affiliates, JIA provides Advisory Services to governments on building balance sheets based on international generally accepted government accounting standards and implementing systems to improve the government financial performance CWF 12 KPIs.

As of September 2023, JI-Analytics has six 5-year contracts and two R&D contracts (total value of US$15 million) with its parent.

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