Performance Improvement

JI‑Analytics’ analyses, in addition to accomplishing the “3‑Highs”, can be used to improve performance in what we refer to as the “4‑Es”:

1. Embracing global benchmarks and high value‑add best practices: to identify actionable global benchmark key performance indicators (“KPIs”) and high value‑add best practices.  Click here to see a visual illustrating our comparative focus on the top quartile global benchmarks, high value‑add best practices, and KPIs.
2. Expanding internal and external training: to train management, staff, and volunteers internally and at partner organizations.
3. Evaluating new investment decisions: to make new investment decisions based on global benchmark KPIs and high value‑add best practices.
4. Enabling independent third‑party verification: to provide independent third‑party verification of global benchmark KPIs and high value‑add best practices.

Click here to find a select number of our best high value‑add analyses (“HVAs”) and reports, available at the JI-Analytics online store, which is currently live in beta.

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