JI‑Analytics’ analyses provide innovative frameworks to highlight important insights hidden from senior decision‑makers. JI‑Analytics’ most valuable HVAs analyze Government Financial Management (GFM) and Government Total Balance Sheet (GTBS), with the Citizens’ Wealth Framework 2023 12 KPIs.  Our analyses are for critical thinkers, especially those responsible for performance improvement.  Our analyses adhere to a “true and fair” standard of analytical integrity.  We provide the framework, highlighted key metrics, the Excel files with all formulas, the backup data/numbers, the sources, and the URL links. JI‑Analytics uses every practical effort to obtain primary sourced comparable information and not rely on secondary or previously compiled sources.

JI‑Analytics’ “true and fair” approach is built on a standard of analytical integrity.  We do not and will never start with the preferred conclusion and then only provide supporting analytics.  This is a clear contrast to the polar extremes of either passively accepted materials without critical thinking, such as the news media and institutional PDF reports, or, at the other extreme, the water hose access to databases.

JI-Analytics has produced 602 high value‑add analyses and reports. 

Click here to find a select number of our best high value‑add analyses (“HVAs”) and reports, available at the JI-Analytics online store, which is currently live in beta.

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